8 Reasons To Make The Switch To LED Lights on your Tractor

UTV Products helping you make the switch to LED lighting

8 reasons how an LED upgrade could help you and your productivity.

Want the lowdown about LED lighting and how it could benefit you? Then read on to find out 8 reasons how an LED upgrade could help you and your productivity.

1. Energy efficient

One main appeal we hear a lot about when thinking of upgrading to LED lighting is how energy efficient they are. But, how and what does that mean for you? The current draw is low on these lights which means minimal energy is wasted and targets the power exactly where you need it. They have a longer life span and repairs are minimal as no filaments or bulbs need replacing.

2. Mimic natural light

This is important for those long hours you work as well as the concentration that is needed working in fields from agriculture to forestry. UTV Products crystal white light is easier on the eye resulting in less eye fatigue meaning that you can carry on doing the tough jobs you need to within your sector. Our LED lights usually pump out between 6000k – 6500k which simulates daytime light reducing eye fatigue.

3. Minimal shadow areas

With the even spread of light focused where you need it to be, LED lighting allow minimal shadows to occur. A better 3Dimensional image of your operating area allows a greater ability to effectively carry out tasks.

4. Environmentally friendly

It is widely known that LEDs are environmentally friendly but how? Simply put – they draw considerably less power meaning less fuel burnt to power them than halogen lights and less fatigue in your electrical systems within machinery. In turn they have a longer life span saving you money in the long run as well.

5. Tough

We all know the tough settings that your machines face so lighting solutions that work are important. UTV Products LEDs are designed to be robust which avoid any costly repairs from fragile filaments or bulbs. Additionally, vibrations that are often produced from your machines do not affect the lights allowing the best quality light in rough conditions that won’t let you down. Simply, LEDs thrive on vehicles that work in harsh environments.

6. Innovative designs

UTV Products LED lights are designed with your machines in mind. We are continually and heavily investing into Research and Development meaning that new products, strategic solutions and a reliable brand are at the core of what we do. We listen to our customers so that we can offer innovative solutions to combat any issues that might arise from your field of work.

7. Costly? Yes, but… reap the costs back

We understand the outlay for a new set of LED lights can be an expense that needs some budget consideration. There is a misconception that all LED lights are the same but they are not. While there can be many constraints on why people would understandably choose cheaper LED lights we often see them as our “customers of tomorrow”. By this we mean customers that have bought the cheaper options will eventually come to us, UTV Products or our retailers, to purchase our premium lights for their quality, performance, appearance and durability.

8. Retrofitting is popular and easy

Retrofitting is popular. This is a fact that will always be true. However, some people have a misconception that upgrading is a time-consuming, tricky job. With UTV Products the plug-and-play capabilities make upgrading your machines light output easy. This function cuts out any requirement to modify your machine meaning that you can start using powerful LED lights for great results from day one. Time is precious and when you work in a fast-paced environment that is often seen within the agriculture, forestry, construction, railways or highways sector a quick upgrade is good. But when it’s a quick, top-quality upgrade then that is even better.


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January 2024