Are All LED Lights the Same?

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Diffusing the myth – Are all LED lights alike?

Are you wanting to make an impressive retrofit LED light upgrade on your machine? Or are you purchasing a new machine and have been asked if you want your new vehicle fitted with their factory-fitted LEDs? Then a quick google search can flood you with a range of LED options. But how do you know what to go for? There are so many companies that are pushing you to look at their different LED lights. But what is the difference? Aren’t they all the same? Read on to find out why you need to do your research.


Many factors drive people to decide to purchase certain LED lights. One main reason is price. Premium LED lights can come at a premium price but there can be a reason for this. Cheap LED lights use cheap components which will affect the quality and longevity of lamp life. At the time you may feel that buying a cheaper LED is the better option and we understand there are budget constraints. But you will not get the full benefit of a premium LED upgrade.

However, one recent upgrade we did at UTV Products compared a new machine with their factory-fitted LEDs purchased on a machine with our premium LED lights. Although the factory-fitted lights were more expensive than UTV Products LED lights they were not as bright. We found that further away UTV Products lights were brighter – six times brighter at 5m to be more specific. So be careful. Cheap can mean reduced quality but also expensive doesn’t always guarantee excellence either. That is why at UTV Products we take time to price our lights giving you the highest quality lights at the best possible price.

See above for the comparison picture or watch the video here.


Many LED lighting companies quote only theoretical or raw Lumens. This can be misleading. At UTV Products we always quote actual (effective) Lumens in our product specifications. This will look lower than other companies that state the raw Lumens but the actual Lumen is the most important to take into account when buying new LED lights.

Heat dissipation

LEDs need the right housing unit to allow for heat to be dissipated effectively. This is why you will notice on our products fins are much larger and have been calculated to not only cool the light effectively but to ensure the longevity of the LED chips. Simply put – the hotter LED, the faster reduction in life.

Radio interference

We understand there are many factors why customers might be driven to look into or even buy cheaper LED lights. However, many of these lights can have an impact on various things. Specifically, many LED lights can interfere with your radio but with all of our LED lights from UTV Products, there is no radio interference. So, no irritating crackles on your radio and CB radio but more importantly it won’t affect your GPS. In short, there is no point in having an expensive GPS system to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs when substandard LEDs can have a detrimental effect reversing this initial saving anyway.

Beam Pattern

People often come to us with a product in mind but sometimes what they think they want and what they actually need are very different. For example, the beam pattern can play a massive part in deciding what LED lights you need. Simply, if distance is required then an LED work light bar is the best option but if you need lights to help you with more focused tasks then LED work lights are your best bet. If you spend time researching what are the best lights for you then you will avoid glare and hot spots often linked with cheap lights.


Whether you need Agricultural LED lights or LEDs work lights for working in different sectors such as construction, forestry or highways you all demand robust lights. The challenging work environments coupled with long hours mean you need lights that don’t let you down.


As always, anything that you feel you need more information on then please contact our friendly, knowledgeable team at UTV Products.

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February 2023