An LED comparison: John Deere vs UTV For most people, straying from the original manufacturer when purchasing new LED lights can be daunting. There is a lot of choice in the industry and choosing the right lights really matters. There are premium branded lights, spare part supplier lights and cheap and cheerful lights. There is a lot to consider when upgrading your machine’s LEDs so you might ask yourself why choose UTV Products? UTV Products […]

Our Agricultural Engineers we supply to are a vital part of spreading the UTV LED revolution. They offer a vast amount of knowledge of our lights as well as giving you that ‘in person’ help through the sales and installation process. Read on to find out more ways using Agri-engineers are beneficial to you. Knowledge and expertise Agri-engineers have extensive knowledge about UTV LED lights and can provide valuable insights into different LED light options. […]

All LED lights that UTV Products are fitted to are machines that work in harsh and challenging environments. From tractors, diggers and sprayers to lorries and 4x4s, dirt and dust can inevitably build up on some parts of the light. This is due to where the light is mounted coupled with the type of work and harsh environments they are continually exposed to. Working in these settings’ dirt will obviously attach itself to the light. […]

There are many things to consider when kitting out your workhorse machine with new LED lights. Looking for information? Then read on to guide you through things to consider when making this valuable investment. Measurement of light output First things first, if you have done a little research already when comparing the best LED lights then you may have come across ‘Lumens’. This is the measurement used when measuring the light output. But be careful. […]

LED lightbars versus LED work lights? Which one do you go for? Is there a comparison? Read on to find out. Lightbars Go the distance Sometimes a little guidance might be required to understand the lighting needs of your work. Often people think they want a lightbar for work that needs a lot of light when in fact a work light would be better suited. If you are looking to gain distance when doing an […]

UTV Products has expanded to become the UK’s leading brand in LED lighting, with growing international recognition. At the forefront of their values, UTV Products prioritises both safety and quality at work. Why shop UTV Products LED lights? Durable – designed to be robust and thrive on vehicles that work in harsh environments High-quality – built to last Minimal shadow areas – better spread of light increasing safety as well as visibility Energy efficient – […]