UTV333 - 30W Low Beam / 50W High Beam New Holland Headlights – Pair

UTV333 - 30W Low Beam / 50W High Beam New Holland Headlights – Pair


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UTV333 – New Holland Headlights (Pair)

30W Low Beam / 50W High Beam

22,400 actual Lumens (Pair)

Zero radio interference
Maintains OEM appearance

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The UTV333 is designed specifically for the New Holland T8000 Series. This is for the whole light cluster as a pair including headlights and work lights in the module. These lights pump out 30W low beam / 50W high beam, 22,400 Lumens collectively. The wider reach of illumination from the work lights are ideal for working in darker environments, providing the necessary visibility for tasks that benefit from extensive light spread. The headlights offer an increase in light reach simplifying tasks in low-light environments or assisting with late-night driving minimising eye fatigue. The ease of plug-and-play means this light can simply be fitted to your machine with no modifications required. One standout feature of our product line, including the UTV333, is the absence of radio interference. A technology we pioneered and still lead in this area. Say goodbye to annoying crackles on your radio, CB radio and even your GPS. With our lights, you can enjoy uninterrupted performance well into the night.




30W Low Beam (x2)

50W High Beam (x2)

22,400 actual Lumens (Pair)

Voltage: 9-32 V

Waterproof & dustproof: IP68

EMC: CISPR25 Class 4

Polycarbonate, smash resistant lens

A2 Stainless steel



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