Things to Consider When Buying LED Lights

Thing to consider when buying LED lights

Things to consider when making an LED lighting investment.

There are many things to consider when kitting out your workhorse machine with new LED lights. Looking for information? Then read on to guide you through things to consider when making this valuable investment.

  1. Measurement of light output

First things first, if you have done a little research already when comparing the best LED lights then you may have come across ‘Lumens’. This is the measurement used when measuring the light output. But be careful. Many LED lighting companies will lure you with high Lumen measurements which isn’t exactly wrong but isn’t right either. This is because there are 3 types of Lumen measurements: theoretical, cold and effective (actual). While they are all good to know it is only really the actual measurement that is of any use. The actual measurement will always be lower than theoretical which can never be achieved.

  1. Colour Temperature

Another factor to consider is colour temperature. But why is this important? All of our LEDs are manufactured between 6000K and 6500K meaning they closely mimic natural daylight with their clear crystal white light. The benefit of this? Less eye fatigue means you can continue with those night-time jobs with ease.

  1. Radio interference

We understand there are many factors why customers might be driven to buy cheaper LED lights. However, many of these lights can have an impact on various things. Specifically, many LEDs from manufacturers can interfere with your radio but with all of our LED lights from UTV Products there is no radio interference. So, no irritating crackles when your radio, CB radio and even your GPS are on meaning you can carry on with your night-time work with no interruptions.

  1. Price

Price, of course, will play a massive part in helping you decide which LED lights are for you. Premium LEDs can come at a premium price but there can be a reason for this. Cheap LED lights use cheap components which will affect the quality and longevity of lamp life. At the time you may feel that buying a cheaper LED is the better option, and we understand there are budget constraints, but you will not get the full benefit of a premium LED upgrade.

However, cheap can mean reduced quality but also expensive doesn’t always guarantee excellence either. That is why at UTV Products we take time to price our lights giving you the highest quality lights at the best possible price. For more information then read our previous blog post ‘Are all LED lights the same?’

  1. Beam Pattern

Buying any LED lights would surely give you the same beam pattern? Unfortunately not. With some LEDs, particularly cheaper ones, there can be dark spots and some lights that give glare which defeats the object of what the lights should be helping you with. At UTV Products we are here to help match you with the LEDs that will suit your work as well as your machine. Additionally, we are always heavily investing in R&D to make them perfect.

  1. Position and direction of light

Position and direction can help ensure you are getting the most out of your LED overhaul. Speaking with our experts can offer ideas on where best to position your light so that you have comfortable lighting that allows you to work long into the night.

  1. Durability

Likely that you have bought a machine to cope with the most challenging environments, then why not ensure that your LED lights can withstand tough conditions too? Yes, the cost in the initial outlay may be more but investing at the beginning can save you money in the future. We spend time and effort to ensure our lights are built to last.

  1. Fitment

A big decider for lots of people is how easy new LEDs are to install on their machines. We know there are time limits and many people who don’t want to spend money and time researching all the components needed to upgrade. At UTV Products we have a wide range of plug-and-play so there’s no messing, no modification, no problem. We have spent time and effort to ensure connectors are sorted for you. We also pride ourselves that we are always at the end of the phone should you need any extra help when fitting your LED lights. Yes, we sell premium products but we provide long-lasting support too.

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April 2023